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Quality assurance

Quality as a primary goal

Quality is a key to achieve customer satisfaction and generate customer loyalty. Therefore it is very important to have an appropriate quality assurance process in place that allows to meet and surpass customer quality expectations as well as strict internal quality standards.
Below is the detailed quality assurance process that we apply. We shall be happy to receive any comments or ideas that allow us to to improve the process and service quality for our customers.

Quality assurance process

  • The project is received from the client along with instructions and PO.
  • The project is analyzed, the content is examined. All specific requirements are classified with the client. Possible issues are identified and action plan is developed to resolve them. Reference materials are requested, if applicable.
  • Project manager allocates internal plan and identifies major milestones of the project life-cycle. It is based on a schedule suggested by the client and/or internal capacity plan.
  • Project Manager selects appropriate resources. A language lead is assigned who will be in charge for resolution of any terminology and style issues as well stands as an expert in the described subject area. Project manager reserves external QA and proofreading resources if necessary. Otherwise the proofreading and review is done by Language lead.
  • Files for translation are transferred to the translators along with TM, glossaries and references. Requirements and deadlines are clarified and confirmed. The translation is always fulfilled by qualified translators, native speakers in target language.
  • Project Manager monitors the translation progress and coordinates resolution of any translation issues with Language lead.
  • The translation is completed and returned.
  • The translated project is transferred to a proofreader. It is always a native speaker with a great experience in the described subject area.
  • Project manager reports the issues found during proofreading stage to translators and resolves existing issues with Language lead and the client, if applicable.
  • Project manager performs the final check to ensure that all the corrections have been implemented, all the issues have been resolved and all the client’s requirements were followed.
  • The project goes to DTP/engineering team (if applicable).
  • The DTP’d files are QA’d by a member of translator team. All possible issues relating to presentation or file format and layout are resolved at this stage.
  • Project manager makes the final QA of the files before delivery to the client to ensure that the project was done according to client’s requirements
  • The project is delivered to the client.
  • Project manager receives a feedback from the client and ensures that all the comments and corrections are addressed accordingly.
  • The files with implemented corrections are delivered to the client.
  • The project is marked as completed and transferred to invoicing stage